Furnace Cleaning

A yearly furnace cleaning, along with its existing duct system, maximizes the life span and energy efficiency of your furnace. Ensure a clean and secure environment for your home or business by calling the furnace cleaning experts at Disaster Recovery.

FREE FURNACE CLEANING QUOTE AND EXPERT EVALUATION - Professional furnace cleaning and inspection is recommended at least once every two years to ensure your entire system is working properly.  Our experienced team of technicians will assess the specifics of your furnace system and offer a free quote based on several different factors including system accessibility and construction type.

REMOVE CONTAMINANTS IN YOUR FURNACE SYSTEM - Disaster Recovery uses powerful specially-designed equipment to remove dust, debris and pollutants which can aggravate health conditions like asthma or allergies. 

IMPROVED ENERGY EFFICIENCY - Your furnace system works harder to maintain a desirable temperature once the flow of air that heats your home is restricted by debris and dirt. Disaster Recovery's furnace cleaning services help you save money and reduce energy consumption and costs.

START with a free estimate with one of the air duct cleaning specialists at Disaster Recovery in Gillette, WY by calling us today. We look forward to serving you!