Mold Inspection in Gillette Wyoming

Disaster Recovery’s in Gillette, WY and surrounding areas mold inspections are always performed by qualified mold inspectors. This is very important because there are many aspects that go into mold inspections. Only the most experienced inspectors are used during these inspections. During these inspections many points are analyzed to get an accurate description of the situation. 

Determining whether a mold spot is old or new is important so that we can detect whether there was a recurring leak or an overlooked source of mold that spread. Another very important step is to inspect the most undesirable locations for mold. This is an important step because mold can often be hidden inside of walls and potentially cause structural damage to the building. Mold that is left behind walls can decay wood over time. 

When inspecting the mold Disaster Recovery’s inspectors can identify what type of mold is developing and whether it is harmful or not. There are types of mold, such as Ceratocystis and Ophiostoma that are typically normal to develop in certain buildings. Analyzing the mold and concluding the type of mold can easily be done by our inspectors. 

It is important to look for further water sources that could cause mold growth. This is part of the inspection process. While we are able to remove mold, if there are still recurring water sources, more mold can grow. This can become a never ending process, so inspecting the area around the mold is important. Checking the air for signs of mold irritants can help anybody who seems to think mold may be the underlying cause to a recent change in health. If the inspectors find that there seems to be no mold, this can help rule out mold as the issue and you can begin to think about other alternative issues. A mold inspection process is a very thorough process that will reveal even the mildest cases of mold.

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