Area Rugs in Gillette Wyoming

Rug washing has come a long way

The original traditional method involved completely immersing area rugs in a nearby river to gently loosen trapped dust and particles. In the more recent past, our hardy ancestors beat the dust out of their rugs. Research has determined that carefully removing built-up dust and particles, along with total immersion and gentle washing is still the safest and best way to return rugs to their highest appearance level without damaging them.
However, washing rugs in the nearest river is not a practical option. Now, with patented tools and equipment designed specifically for the washing of all area rugs, DISASTER RECOVERY can provide a thorough and effective, yet gentle, hand washing process. Here’s what we do:


AT YOUR HOME or AT OUR SHOP: Your area rugs are carefully examined to determine its origin, fiber content, and any pre-existing visible damage due to age, environment, or perhaps an improper previous cleaning. This will help us determine the best method to use to wash your rug. This initial inspection is essential to identify any potential risk factors.
IN OUR RUG WASHING STUDIO: Once your rug is in our facility, the Pre-Inspection continues. We will now conduct a detailed evaluation in these three crucial areas:
  • Biological Contamination: In our darkroom, your area rugs will be examined under a special black light to determine if there are any areas contaminated with urine, feces, and other organic matter. Biological contamination can ruin or damage natural fibers and their dyes.
  • Structure: The pile fiber (front of rug), the foundation fiber content (back of rug), and the rug’s construction is identified. Any physical damage is noted in a report for you.
  • Dye Stability Testing: Not all dyes are created equal. Some dyes are inferior, or may not have been properly rinsed or set when it was made. This testing is crucial to determine the best possible method of washing to prevent the bleeding of colors during the cleaning process.


Area Rug Cleaning in Gillette, WY

We use a combination of the best harmonic-vibration Dusting Tools in the industry before we even start washing! Regular vacuuming is a great way to maintain your rug between washings, but it is not a sufficient method to use before a professional rug washing. Regular vacuums cannot remove the built-up soil and ground-in dirt resting in the foundation of your rug.
NOTE: If your current rug cleaner is just vacuuming and not using the following – Show him the door!
HARMONIC-VIBRATION DUSTING: Our Dusting Tool will remove up to 90% of the dust and soils trapped in your rug. Why is this the most important step to properly washing any area rug? You would be amazed at the amount of highly-abrasive particulate matter that can hide in the fibers of your rug. This dry soil is made up of gritty, sand-like, sharp little “knife blades” that will degrade and dull your rug’s fibers. NOTE: The majority of “rug cleaners” skip this important step. Be sure to ask the rug cleaner of your choice if they do this, and ask for proof. We can even SAVE the materials we remove and put them in a Ziploc bag for you - the amount will probably surprise you!
COMPRESSED-AIR DUSTING: After the initial dusting with our Dusting Tool, we follow up with compressed-air dusting to remove the finer dust and soils that may remain.


Rug Cleaning in Gillette, WY

We always hand wash each rug.  We believe every single rug deserves individual care. Other companies use large automated cleaning systems to clean several different rugs at the same time.  Do you really want YOUR rug washed right along with others, regardless of their source of biological contamination, like heavy pet urine, odor, fleas, etc, risking cross-contamination?  We didn't think so - and neither do we!
PRE-SPOTTING: Any problem areas previously discovered are addressed with special cleaning agents. As Gillette’s certified WoolSafe-Approved Service Provider, we use only WoolSafe-Approved products. Normally, spots and stains can be removed during the washing process, but depending on volume or type, not all spots or stains are removable.
IMMERSION WASHING: This is the most thorough way to hand wash your rug, and is absolutely necessary when there is a heavy soil load or biological contamination. DID YOU KNOW that 87% of Oriental and Area Rugs contain biological contaminants, primarily pet urine? Immersion washing is the ONLY method that will guarantee 100% odor removal. Using large volumes of water, immersion washing in our specially-designed Rug Bath involves thorough wetting and gentle agitation of your rug, using only WoolSafe-Approved products.
DRY CLEANING or LOW-MOISTURE CLEANING: These methods are available for a light cleaning of your rug, or for topical cleaning only, but with this method we cannot guarantee total odor removal. These methods are not suggested for heavily-soiled or biologically-contaminated rugs.


Rug Protection in Gillette, WY

Using cool, softened water we gently rinse your rug of any cleaning products, loosened soil, and biological contamination.
Next, because immersion washing is a very wet cleaning method, a thorough extraction using our specialized equipment is necessary to reduce drying time.
Depending on the evaluation of your rug, it will either be hung to dry, or flat-dried. Your rug will be dried in our large Specialized Drying Room where we control the temperature and humidity during the entire process.


Wool and natural fibers are highly absorbent and certain stains can permanently damage the rug’s dye structure, which will severely decrease the value of your rug. An application of our finest WoolSafe-Approved Protector will limit absorption of unwanted materials and minimize the risk of permanent damage from staining. It is highly recommended for most rugs.

Grooming is important to reset your rug’s nap and restore its fibers to its natural luster. Some rugs require very detailed and constant grooming throughout the drying process.

We can also provide you with custom-sized high-quality padding for your area rugs. Non-slip and reversible, it will provide dimensional stability, increase the life of your rug, and protect any surface under your rug (carpet, tile, vinyl, hardwood floors).
Once your rug has finished drying, it is taken to our Finishing Room for a final inspection. Your freshly-washed rug is now ready for pickup or delivery!
After each rug washing, our Rug Washing Studio and our cleaning tools are thoroughly sanitized before we start washing another rug.
Keep your rugs clean and beautiful for generations to come! Call (307) 686-0078 today and schedule your FREE Rug Inspection and Estimate. We can come to your home, or feel free to call and schedule a time to drop your rug off at our shop!Area Rug Cleaning in Gillette, WYOriental and Area Rug Washing. WoolSafe Service Provider.
Disaster Recovery cleans area rugs at our Gillette, WY location, Wyoming location. All rugs are cleaned separately, and all fringes are cleaned carefully by hand. Due to gaps in the weave, dye, along with other factors, every rug must be treated uniquely.
  • How long does it take to clean my rug? - The time it takes to wash your rug is dependent upon its fabric, dye colors, and other aspects. Rugs must be tested for color bleed and shrinkage, and the cleaning procedure depends heavily on those variables. Contact us for an estimate.
  • Can you get wine stains out of my rug? - Depending on the materials, weave, and dyes in your area carpet, we will make every effort to remove wine stains and other kinds of discoloration from your rug. But, it's important to have realistic expectations, and some rugs are very delicate. We will need to carefully inspect your rug before we’ll know for sure.
  • Are the cleaning solutions pet safe? - Yes. We only use environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning products.
Our Guarantee
If you are not 100% satisfied with the washing of your rug, please notify us WITHIN 24 HOURS of your pickup or delivery. We will then completely re-wash your rug WITHIN 30 DAYS at no extra charge.
If you are still not satisfied, we will refund the cost of your cleaning in its entirety.