Upholstery Cleaning in Gillette Wyoming

Is your favorite couch, recliner or armchair dirty? Everyday use does a number on your furniture. But, before you search for a new living room set, consider having it professionally cleaned. Disaster Recovery’s upholstery cleaning services can get your upholstered furniture clean and fresh again, brightening up your whole home.

In Gillette, WY and the surrounding areas, homeowners trust Disaster Recovery for all of their upholstery cleaning needs. . Children and pets - even adults - unintentionally deposit spots on your living room furniture with their dirty hands and paws. If you decide to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee on your couch, even a small spill can result in a stain if your furniture is light colored - not to mention all the dust and dirt that inevitably enters our homes.

A good upholstery cleaning removes spots and odors, giving you a new lease on your upholstered furniture. At Disaster Recovery, our cleaning specialists make use of the best equipment and latest techniques to achieve optimal results. After we’ve had a chance to clean your furniture, you may not even recognize it anymore!

Our upholstery cleaning services are adapted to your unique situation and needs. We’ll evaluate your furniture first and determine any problem areas such as spots, and then choose the appropriate cleaning method. Once completed, we’ll apply a protector to your furniture to help prevent future spots from becoming permanent ones. Don’t worry! All of our methods are chosen specifically for the type of fabric your furniture is made of, and we only use techniques that are safe for the fabrics.

With our upholstery cleaning service, you’ll love showing off your furniture again! START by calling today to schedule your free upholstery cleaning estimate for a firm quote! Our friendly staff in Gillette, Wyoming will be happy to answer your questions and share our rates with you. We look forward to serving you soon.