pic_fair_price_01“How come you guys are so expensive? I’m looking at a coupon right now and this company’s offering to do the same work for less than half of YOUR price!”

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard these words on the phone!

Deceptive advertising at its worst! Well-meaning homeowners, about to be taken in by the oldest con in the world!

An advertisement with a price that’s too good to be true, offered by a predatory business owner looking for an easy mark!

Strong words? You bet they are, and for good reason. There’s been a lot of good, honest people who have been taken in by these kinds of promotions.

Not for pocket change, but for hundreds of dollars. In the business world, it’s called Bait and Switch,and it’s against the law!

The “bait” is the ad that lists a price that’s just too good to be true, and the “switch” is the add-on list with all the things that should have been included in the first place – after their “on-site inspection.”

Make no mistake – ”Bait and Switch” is not just an aggressive marketing technique. It is a purposeful deception. A pre-designed formula that draws in unsuspecting people and then pressures them into spending far more money than they intended, often for inferior services.

When deciding on which company to hire, be informed – Don’t fall for SCAMS!

A good way to do this is to read the article 8 Things to ASK an Air Duct Cleaning Company.

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