The contamination shown on the left is the normal by-product of living things occupying closed spaces, like our homes and offices.  Disaster Recovery finds these every time we clean the air ducts in a home or building.

What’s in your air?

Skin cells. Mold spores. Dust. Dirt. Mildew. Pet dander. Hair. Pollen. Aerosol sprays and cleaning products. Tobacco smoke residue. Glue. Paint. Cooking oils. Insecticides. These are just a few of the contaminants that float inside our homes and offices.  Every time we open our outside doors or windows, every time we come into our homes, we bring in contaminants that have settled on our clothing and shoes.  We and our pets shed hair and skin cells – every day.  They settle on our furniture and our beds.  Then, when we walk around, vacuum, dust or sweep, we stir up these particles into our breathing spaces.

But, there’s another problem. It doesn’t stay in the air.

These particles settle and find a hiding place to collect and build into a real mess.  They settle in your air ducts.

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