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Announcing Gillette’s premier ORIENTAL and AREA RUG WASHING Studio!

When it’s time to have your beautiful area rugs professionally dusted, cleaned, and treated, look no further. Our WoolSafe®-Certified Technicians will give them the time and attention they deserve. Protect your investment and choose the company you’ve come to trust for all of your cleaning needs in the Gillette area! Choose RUG MASTERS –  A division of Disaster Recovery.  Call 686-0078 today!


Don’t wait until they’re a DISASTER… For the best carpet, upholstery, hardwood and tile cleaning you’ve EVER had, give Disaster Recovery a call!  Pricing based on SF and condition, and volume discounts are available.   If you’re in the Gillette area, we give FREE Inspections and Estimates!  Schedule your appointment today.

($190.00 minimum per job, after any discounts.)


Don’t wait another minute… Schedule an Air Duct Cleaning for your home today and take 10% OFF our Basic Cleaning Rate for AIR DUCT CLEANING.  Payment is due at time of service… Schedule your appointment today! *

BONUS SPECIAL: Schedule your DRYER VENT cleaning at the same time as your Air Duct Cleaning and get HALF OFF the regular Dryer Vent cleaning price.   (Regularly $190 per dryer vent, or $240 if we need to use a ladder to access your outside venting.)

LIMITED OPENINGS, so you’ll want to call right away!


With energy costs on the rise, your dirty ducts are costing you money! AND, because Clothes Dryers start more residential FIRES than any other appliance, your DRYER VENTS should be cleaned at least once a year!

But… How do you know if it’s TIME to get your Air Ducts cleaned?  Read on

IT’S TIME TO HAVE YOUR AIR DUCTS CLEANED if your home or office meets one or more of the following conditions:

REASON NUMBER 1: IS IT A BRAND NEW STRUCTURE? Construction debris, sheetrock dust, bits of insulation… those vent openings and cold air returns were wide open during the entire construction process. Even though your furnace system is brand new, it was probably used to facilitate drying the sheetrock or paint, etc. We recommend that you start off right in your new structure by having your system thoroughly cleaned! And don’t forget to replace your furnace filter (we recommend replacing or cleaning your filter at least every three months)!

REASON NUMBER 2: DID YOU JUST PURCHASE YOUR HOME OR OFFICE? Did you ask the previous owners when they last had the air duct system cleaned? Did they have pets? Did they smoke? Did they have a rodent or pest problem? Everything that has ever been airborne in that home or office during the years finds it’s way into the system… then gets recycled into YOUR breathing space every time the fan kicks on! Do you REALLY want to be breathing in the pet dander, hair, dust mites, bugs, mice feces, etc. that someone else left behind?

REASON NUMBER 3: DID YOU JUST DO SOME REMODELING WORK IN YOUR HOME OR OFFICE? Did you remember to seal off the vent registers and cold air returns in that area? If your furnace system kicked on at any time during the remodeling work, then sheetrock dust, sawdust, grout dust, concrete dust, paint fumes, carpet fibers, etc. are now in your duct system, and coating your air coils and your filter. For the same reasons as REASON NUMBER 1 above, you should have your system cleaned when your remodeling work is finished!

REASON NUMBER 4: DO YOU HAVE SEASONAL ALLERGIES OR ASTHMA?Obviously, indoor air quality will be an issue for those who suffer from allergies or asthma. Many have noticed a difference after having their system cleaned. We recommend having your air ducts cleaned at least every two years.

REASON NUMBER 5: HAS IT BEEN MORE THAN TWO YEARS SINCE THEY WERE LAST CLEANED? Many homes in our area have NEVER been cleaned. Because of the high winds, open-pit coal mines, on-going construction, shale roads, etc. in the Gillette area, our furnace and air duct systems have to work double-time. Every time you open an outside door or window, airborne contaminants enter your home. If your home seems dustier than normal, or if it’s been more than two years since your air duct system was cleaned, then it’s time to call us and schedule a cleaning!

What’s in YOUR Air Ducts?

Pollen, dander, dust mites, drywall dust, insulation, fungus and other allergens may be trapped in your air duct system and your carpeting–And each time the furnace fan kicks on, it forces them into your living environment for you to breathe…morning, noon and night! With all that debris plugging up your system, your furnace has to work harder than it should… costing you MONEY! In fact, 9 out of 10 maintenance calls are a direct result of dirt and dust plugging up the system! DON’T GO THROUGH ANOTHER SEASON with dirty air ducts… or carpeting!


It takes a lot of TIME and EFFORT to keep your home or business looking great.   That’s why we ALSO specialize in CARPET, TILE, HARDWOOD and UPHOLSTERY CLEANING, EMERGENCY WATER DAMAGE CLEANUP, and MOLD INSPECTION, TESTING AND REMOVAL.   We really CAN clean your home or business from the inside out!  What are you waiting for?  Get the BEST CARPET, TILE, HARDWOOD, RUG, DRYER VENT and AIR DUCT CLEANING in town and SAVE with our SPECIAL SALES! LIMITED OPENINGS, so call NOW and take advantage of our MONTHLY SPECIALS! (See top of page for details!)

Just 1/16th of an inch of dirt on your air coils or your high-efficiency coils can REDUCE the efficiency of your heating and cooling system by up to 21%!

*Basic cleaning price for Duct Cleaning determined by size and type of home. If you live in the Gillette area, CALL US TO SCHEDULE A FREE IN-HOME ESTIMATE.  This offer not to be combined with any other offer.

**$190.00 job minimum for carpet, upholstery, hardwood, and tile cleaning.
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