RUGS 101: Stain and Fiber PROTECTION

One of the most important options to consider after you have your rug or carpets professionally cleaned is whether or not to have a stain and fiber protector applied.  Fiber protector is a KEY factor in safeguarding your rug and carpets from everyday traffic and “accidents.”

Why is a Fiber Protector Important?

Having a protector applied to your rug gives you an extra window of time to treat a spill.  It will bead up and sit on top of the fibers for up to 15 minutes, giving you time to blot it up with a clean towel.  It also makes vacuuming more efficient, allowing for more soil to release, as compared to non-protected rugs.

How is it Applied?

Professional application of protector to your new or freshly cleaned rug will ensure the ideal result.  The product will be thoroughly groomed in to make contact with each of the fibers, then allowed to completely dry in a temperature-controlled area.  Disaster Recovery uses the best protectors on the market, and we don’t water it down.

Remember, though, that protectors, even when applied professionally, don’t make your rugs bulletproof!  You still want to treat any spills as quickly as possible before it begins to seep through the protective treatment.  If the spill does manage to seep through, you may need to have the rug professionally cleaned for your best chance at complete stain removal.

Maintain Your Rugs and Carpets

You must still maintain your rugs and carpets with regular professional cleanings in order to keep the traffic areas clean. The protector should be reapplied after each professional cleaning.

If you love your rugs, and you want them to stay clean and protected longer, say “YES” to fiber protector!

One of the most common “spills” we encounter is pet urine.  Your fiber protection will help you take care of that quickly and efficiently. Learn the correct way to do this in our article:  Pet Urine – What do to!

P.S. The advantages of stain and fiber protection also applies to wall-to-wall carpeting.  Call our office at (307) 686-0078 and schedule a FREE in-home quote for your next rug or carpet cleaning!