RUG REPAIR and Restoration:

Whether it’s everyday use, pets, plants, age, furniture wear, or an OVER-enthusiastic vacuuming,  ALL area rugs eventually show signs of damage and distress.  Typically, the most common areas in need of repair are the edges and fringes of your rug.  So, don’t wait – The sooner you take care of any issues, the lower your cost of repairs.

In the case of dry rot, moth damage, or large holes and tears, the rug repair should be performed by a rug weaving specialist.  Wondering what it will cost?  Disaster Recovery networks with several reputable Rug Repair and Restoration Specialists nationwide.  We will carefully inspect, then photograph the areas of concern, and send the information to a specialist for a firm quote.  If you decide to have your rug professionally repaired or restored, shipping and insurance are easily arranged in these situations.

Area rugs can last for generations

Area rugs can last for generations, especially if they are taken care of properly.  Disaster Recovery will let you know how the monetary value of your rug compares to the cost of a particular rug repair. Oftentimes though, the sentimental value of a family heirloom far outweighs the actual replacement value.

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Is it time to have your area rugs cleaned?  Have you inherited a family area rug, or even picked one up recently at a yard sale or second-hand store? Schedule your FREE Inspection and Evaluation today. Disaster Recovery is Gillette’s ONLY certified Wool-Safe Approved company!  Call us at: (307) 686-0078.

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