RUG PADDING is an option that Disaster Recovery offers for any type of Oriental or Area Rug.

What are the BENEFITS?  

  • Rug padding absorbs most of the grinding action caused by footsteps and works to protect the rug itself from wear.
  • It helps protect your floors from scratches by partially preventing the heaviest tracked-on grit from filtering through to the floor.
  • Non-slip rug pads also provide the additional function of helping to keep your rugs in place.
  • Non-slip rug pads help prevent slip and fall injuries.
  • Rug padding is specially designed to keep your rugs in place on any kind of flooring:  Tile, hardwood, laminate, stone, concrete, brick… even carpeting!
  • Rug padding will keep your rugs looking smooth and beautiful!

Protect your rug.  Protect your flooring.  Prevent slips and falls.

The next time you have your Oriental and Area Rugs cleaned, ask Disaster Recovery for a quote for a customized Rug Pad.

We offer No-Muv rug padding, one of the best in the industry.


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