pic_lungs_01The Potential Danger in Drywall Mud Dust

When the dried drywall mud is sanded, respirable dust is released into the air. This means the particles are a size that can be drawn into the lungs though the normal breathing process.

When Crystalline Silica is inhaled, the particles can work in to the lung’s Alveoli Sacs. These small chambers are where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged.

If the particles lodge in the tissue, the lung reacts by developing fibrotic nodules around them. The condition is called, “Silicosis.”

Bottom Line!

This residue should be removed from the air ducts in any building. The dust invades both the supply and return systems during construction. Each time the blower fan comes on, the particles of Crystalline Silica blow back into the air and into your family’s lungs.

Compared to the cost of construction, and the potential danger to the occupants, the expense of a complete air duct cleaning is trivial.

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