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DRY SOIL REMOVAL:  One of the most critical first steps in carpet cleaning is removing the dry soils before you start cleaning.  For years that meant taking the extra time to thoroughly vacuum the carpet before beginning the cleaning process.


In inclement weather, we PROTECT YOUR HOME & FURNISHINGS, using drop cloths at entryways to avoid tracking, and corner guards to prevent damage from hoses, etc.

Then, we start with a DETAILED INSPECTION of your carpeting, noting the specific fibers that it’s made out of, the degree of soiling, any wear patterns, spots, and stains, etc.  This will help us determine which method of carpet cleaning to use for your individual situation.

Because this tends to take almost as much time as the actual cleaning, many technicians SKIP this important step. This means that all that embedded dust, dirt, soil and hair simply gets swirled around, turned into “mud,” and essentially leaves you with a carpet that’s even dirtier than before he started.

But even the best conventional vacuums on the market are unable to remove deeply embedded soils, especially in the traffic areas, where the carpet pile is matted down.  That’s why our company invested in a Dry Soil Removal System that takes our carpet cleaning to the next level!  We get out what other carpet cleaners leave behind.  READ our article to learn more about this special process:   Are You Getting the Best Carpet Cleaning in Gillette?

If your cleaning technician isn’t doing this – SHOW HIM THE DOOR!  After this Dry Soil Removal process, we follow up with a thorough PRE-VACUUMING of your carpets.


We MOVE ALL YOUR FURNITURE (except Entertainment Centers, China Buffets, or loaded Bookcases). We believe you deserve wall-to-wall carpet cleaning, so you can rearrange your furniture whenever and where ever you want to.


We PRE-TREAT STUBBORN SPOTS, making every effort to remove them without damaging your carpet. We also PRE-CONDITION your carpet, allowing the cleaning product more time to work.


Depending on the type and condition of your carpet, we DEEP CLEAN your carpet, using the proper cleaning method that will give you the best results.  Our technicians are trained to use a variety of specially-designed carpet cleaning tools and equipment.


Would you wash your hair with shampoo, then neglect to rinse it out? Neither would we! That is why we then thoroughly REMOVE THE SOILS and SOLUTIONS from your carpet fibers. This method leaves no sticky residue, which would attract dirt and cause your carpet to re-soil quickly.


Then, we set up our equipment to SPEED-DRY your carpets.  We guarantee that your carpets will be dry within ONE HOUR of your cleaning!


New carpeting comes from the mill finished with a high-quality fabric protector.  However, over time it will wear off in your traffic areas.  And did you know that every time you clean your carpet, you remove the fabric protector, too? That is why one of the most important steps is to REAPPLY THE FABRIC PROTECTOR after each cleaning. We use the best on the market, and we do not water it down.


Our last step:  A  final POST-VACUUM.  That’s right… one more vacuuming to ensure you’ve received the CLEANEST, most THOROUGH carpet cleaning you’ve ever had!

So, when you are ready to have our expert technicians thoroughly clean YOUR carpeting, give us a call at 686-0078.  We offer FREE carpet cleaning Estimates if you are located in the Gillette area.   

Our technician will perform a DETAILED INSPECTION of your carpet and give you a FIRM QUOTE.  And don’t forget… We can also clean your TILE, HARDWOOD, LAMINATE or VINYL flooring, too!

Don’t just take our word about our great Carpet Cleaning services…  Here’s what our satisfied customers have to say:

TRUSTWORTHY:  “On time, efficient and trustworthy. The best we have used for our carpets in the 33 years I have been here.” Prime Rib Restaurant, Gillette, WY

IMPRESSIVE: “We were very impressed with our carpet cleaning! We have had other companies attempt to get our carpets cleaned, but Disaster Recovery was the only company to get all the stains out, and their work has lasted longer than any other carpet cleaning work we have ever had! I would recommend them!” B. Faubion, Gillette, WY

PROFESSIONAL: “Clean carpets! That’s what I wanted and that’s what I got. Professional, speedy service. No time spent on up-selling or texting in the corner downstairs. Thanks for a job well done, which is often hard to come by these days. Will be calling on your company again in the future, and telling my friends they should do the same.” F. Fink, Gillette, WY

AMAZING: “After having the carpets cleaned 3 times with a “dry cleaning” system, the results this time were amazing. The pre-vacuuming, as well as the professional staff, made us confident in positive results. We look forward to more of such services in the future. ” N. Livingston, Buffalo, WY

QUALITY SERVICE: “Same quality service as usual – fast and efficient.” K. Scherf, Gillette, WY

DEFINITELY #1: “Fast and friendly service! Disaster Recovery is always on time and the employees always have a good attitude. Customer service is definitely #1 to them!” L. Worsley, Pinehaven, WY

Ready for the best carpet, tile, vinyl and hardwood floor cleaning you’ve EVER had?  If you live in the Gillette area, we offer FREE Inspections and Estimates.

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