Is your current Carpet Cleaner doing his job?


What does it take to offer the greatest carpet cleaning in Gillette?  A reputable Carpet Cleaning Technician is certified by attending a training school that teaches the basic procedures of successful carpet cleaning.  Unfortunately, after passing the exams and receiving their certification, many of them DON’T put these basic procedures into practice, including that critical FIRST STEP.

For the GREATEST carpet cleaning in Gillette:  Dry Soil Removal is the KEY

One of the most critical first steps in carpet cleaning is removing the dry soils before you start cleaning.  For years that meant taking the extra time to thoroughly vacuum the carpet before beginning the cleaning process.  Because this takes almost as much time as the actual cleaning, many technicians SKIP this important step.  This means that all that embedded dust, dirt, soil and hair simply gets swirled around, turned into “mud,” and essentially leaves you with a carpet that’s even dirtier than before he started.

But even the best conventional vacuums on the market are unable to remove deeply embedded soils, especially in the traffic areas, where the carpet pile is matted down.  That’s why our company invested in a Dry Soil Removal System that takes our carpet cleaning to the next level!

This is the average amount of dirt, dust, hair and other “unmentionable things” removed during our extensive dry soil removal process – AFTER the homeowner stated they had “already vacuumed before we came.”  We’re not just vacuuming – We’re actually initiating a deep, restorative lifting of the carpet pile to loosen the embedded soils that vacuuming alone just simply can’t remove.

Our dry soil removal process is unique and is the most thorough in the Gillette area.  Just imagine how much cleaner your carpets will be after this process alone!   Then, add in our unique multi-step cleaning, deodorizing and protecting process, along with the fastest guaranteed-dry time in Gillette, and what do you have?  The deepest, most restorative, longest-lasting, greatest carpet cleaning you have ever experienced in Gillette!

What is still hiding in YOUR carpet?  We offer the greatest carpet cleaning in the Gillette area.  We’ll prove it, or your money back – Guaranteed!   Remember:  If your current carpet cleaning company isn’t offering a multi-step dry soil removal process prior to cleaning your carpets, SHOW THEM THE DOOR!

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