“I’m calling about your services. Can you give me a ballpark estimate of what that would cost?”  We’re asked this almost every day. 

However, unlike most cleaning companies, we don’t give phone quotes for our services.  Please don’t be upset.  Here’s why you don’t want a phone quote, and what you should be asking for instead:

Why we don’t offer Phone Quotes

We are so pleased you want to consider our company for your cleaning or restoration needs.  We know it seems like this is a reasonable question, we really do.  You’ve decided to make an important investment in your home or business. Getting a general idea of what this may cost will help you decide if it’s something you can fit into your budget.  We totally understand.  You’ve probably already called the other companies, and they’ve been happy to give you a price over the phone.

But when we hear that question, what it actually translates to is: “So, can you guess exactly what this service that we haven’t even fully-defined yet is going to cost me?”  Frankly, a request for a ballpark estimate puts us in a tough spot.  Experience has shown that it’s bad for both of us.  Suppose we quote you a price, and you schedule the work. Then we present you with an Invoice higher than the quote because we discovered some issues that you didn’t tell us about.  Maybe you didn’t realize it was an issue.  Now you will get upset, and we will feel like those “bait and switch” companies, who everyone despises – including us!

You’re probably thinking: “What???”  After all, when you need a new truck, computer, or furniture, you can jump on the internet and find price ranges easily.  So why can’t we give you a reliable price range over the phone, like the other guys?  Here are 4 BIG REASONS WHY:

Reason No. 1:  Only the person actually doing the work can give you a firm quote.

Our company may be a small business, but it’s not “just-one-person” small.  We have a team of technicians, managers, and office staff who keep this business rolling. When you call our office, you will usually reach our receptionist or office manager.  This important person has a LOT of knowledge about our services. But generally, they have never done the actual work themselves.  And our technicians don’t usually answer the phone, because – Well, they’re actually out in the field doing the work!  We want to give you an accurate quote.  BUT, before we can do that…

Reason No. 2:  We need more details – LOTS more.

We offer a variety of cleaning and restoration services.  And we take pride in offering the best service on each and every job.  Many details should be addressed on every single job.  See why a visual inspection is the only way to give you a firm quote:

  • CARPET, TILE or HARDWOOD FLOOR CLEANING:  How many SF are we talking about – Are you quoting us the total SF of your home, or just the rooms you want cleaned?  Do you want wall-to-wall cleaning in every room, or just traffic areas in some of them?  What kind of flooring do you have?  This will determine the type of cleaning solution or spotters we use.  How long has it been since the last cleaning?  Are there food or pet stains that needs to be addressed? Do you want fabric protector reapplied after any carpet cleaning?  Do your want your tile or hardwood floors sealed after your cleaning?  Our cleaning process is different than our competitors – We don’t leave your carpets wet for hours or days!  Our technician can explain why we’re different and answer any questions you may have.  If you live in the Gillette area, we will come and give you a FREE, no-obligation inspection and firm quote.  NOTE:  We do have a minimum charge of $190 for carpet, tile or hardwood floor cleaning, so if you really only have one room to clean, then there you go – That’s the least it will cost you. But we still want to see it first.  And we will always add additional areas to make sure you get your $190’s-worth of awesome carpet cleaning.
  • DUCT CLEANING:  We don’t charge by the number of vents – We charge by the size of your system. What type of home is this – Modular or stick-built?  Some homes have more than one furnace.  Is the furnace in a utility room, or will we need to go into the attic or crawlspace?  We need to access your entire ductwork system – Will additional access need to be cut into the system?  How long has it been since the last cleaning?   If you live in the Gillette area, we will come and give you a FREE, no-obligation inspection and firm quote.
  • UPHOLSTERY CLEANING: Our pricing is determined by the size of the furniture, the type of fabric, and the degree of soiling.  If you live in the Gillette area, we will come and give you a FREE, no-obligation inspection and firm quote.
  • AREA RUG CLEANING:  What size is your area rug?  What type of fibers is it made of?  Are there any food and pet stains?  Is there any pre-existing damage, such as tears, sun-damage, moth damage, or damaged fringes?  Do you want fabric protector applied after the cleaning?  Do you need a custom rug pad to protect it?  When was the last time the rug was professionally cleaned?  If you live in the Gillette area, we will come and give you a FREE, no-obligation inspection and firm quote.  Or, you can drop your area rug off at our office, and our technician can do the inspection there, then email you his recommendations and a firm quote.  Please call first, to make sure someone is in the office.
  • WATER DAMAGE CLEANUP:  Yes, we are often called for a ballpark estimate for water damage cleanup.  Maybe you need to decide whether to pay for this out-of-pocket or if you need to submit a claim to your insurance company, or just do it yourself.  What caused the damage – Broken pipes, faulty appliances, ground water?  How big an area was involved?  What type of flooring is in those areas?  Is there baseboard trim or wet drywall that needs to be removed?  How long was it wet – Is there evidence of suspected mold growth?  How much equipment is needed, and what type?  How many days will it take to dry?  Is there any hidden moisture? A visual inspection is the ONLY way to work up an real Estimate.  A thorough inspection and written estimate for Water Damage in the Gillette area is $190.00.  (There will be an extra charge if it’s after regular business hours, or out of town.)  However, if you actually hire us right away to take care of this work, this fee will be waived.
  • MOLD:  The only way we can give you an Estimate for mold removal is after a visual inspection.  We charge $190.00 if you are in the Gillette area for a thorough inspection and written estimate.  If you decide to hire us shortly after, we will credit this charge back to your final mold remediation billing. Not sure if you actually have a mold problem? We can take air or tape samples to measure the spore count in your home.  We charge $95.00 for each air or tape sample.

Reason No. 3:  You’re focusing on the wrong thing.

Even worse, you’re asking us to help you focus on the wrong thing.  How so?  When you focus on price, you’re actually implying that you’re not concerned about the quality of service.  However, whether you decide to pay only $80 versus $200, you still want a thorough, professional job – Right?  But, when it comes to cleaning or restoration work, choosing strictly based on price will always be disappointing.  In order to maintain a profit, the lower-priced companies are going to have to sacrifice something.  This usually means a less-thorough, rushed cleaning.  It could mean inadequate equipment.  It could mean lower-paid technicians without the necessary training to deliver professional results.

Reason No. 4:  We want to make sure we schedule enough time to do the job right.

Cleaning and restoration is a science. An experienced, well-trained technician takes the time to perform a detailed inspection. He then knows how long it will take to achieve the results that you rightly expect. Then we can schedule enough time so that he doesn’t feel he has to rush through your job in order to get to his next one.

So, whether you’re one of our past Clients, or a potential New Client, don’t settle for a phone quote…

We’ve been in this business a long time, and we’re good at it.  It’s amazing how quickly a visual inspection by our experienced technicians can nail down and address all the variables involved.  And that’s the only way to give you a firm quote for the best cleaning and restoration work you’ve ever had.

Don’t wait until the last minute to schedule.  Give yourself plenty of time to get a firm quote first. If you’re happy with it, then we’ll put you in our schedule for the service on the date and time that works best for you.  So, when you’re ready, call our office, and say: “I’m interested in your services.  When can I schedule my inspection and firm quote?” 

Call (307) 686-0078 and schedule an appointment today.  Cleaner. Faster. Drier.  That’s Disaster Recovery!