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We believe that everyone should be an informed consumer. That’s why we continue to educate our clients with articles that address a variety of issues in regard to cleaning and restoration in your homes and offices. We invite you to take a moment and browse through our informative articles. Use our Search Tool at the top of the page to quickly find information on a particular subject.


“What’s that musty smell?  What’s that black stuff?  Is that BLACK MOLD?”  When you first discover mold in your home, your immediate reaction is:  “How do I get rid of mold?  How dangerous is this type of mold?  Is there a way to kill mold with products I already have...

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Mold Mistakes – How to Avoid Them

Common MOLD MISTAKES in the home or workplace is a real issue in the Gillette area.   Why? An unusually wet season, faulty construction, lack of routine maintenance, and misconceptions about mold itself all add up to a potential health risk that could end up costing...

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Bleach to Kill Mold? Exposing the Myth!

Lately, our office has received a flurry of phone calls concerning mold in the home or office. After explaining the health risks, as well as the proper procedures involved in removing mold, invariably the response is: "But can't I just spray it with bleach? CHLORINE...

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Why Clean Air Ducts: Is it Necessary?

Why clean air ducts? Parents are concerned about the health of their kids.  Employees are concerned about the conditions in their work environment. A week doesn't seem to pass without a TV special or talk show presenting medical facts about the dangers of pollutants...

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Can it Affect Your Health?

Every time the blower fan comes on, a cloud of dirty particle-laden dust blows back into the indoor spaces of your home, completing the dusty cycle. Some studies have found the air we're breathing inside our homes and offices is far more contaminated than the air...

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Can it Damage the Furnace?

A furnace system is a sizable investment. The blower fan, heat exchanger, combustion chamber and air-conditioning coils need to be kept clean. Overheating, short cycling, air-conditioning coil freeze-ups, rust, and wasted fuel are often the results of this...

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