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We believe that everyone should be an informed consumer. That’s why we continue to educate our clients with articles that address a variety of issues in regard to cleaning and restoration in your homes and offices. We invite you to take a moment and browse through our informative articles. Use our Search Tool at the top of the page to quickly find information on a particular subject.

Why we don’t offer Phone Quotes

"I'm calling about your services. Can you give me a ballpark estimate of what that would cost?"  We're asked this almost every day.  However, unlike most cleaning companies, we don't give phone quotes for our services.  Please don't be upset.  Here's why you don't...

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DIY Mold Testing Kits: Don’t Waste Your Money!

DIY Mold Testing Kits HAVE YOU or a family member been battling cold or allergy symptoms that never seem to go away or get better?   Have you had past water damage in your home that may not have been taken care of properly?  Perhaps your doctor has suggested that a...

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What’s Hiding in Your Ducts?

Air ducts.  Remember those scenes in the movies, where the main character is stealthily crawling through a building's duct work system?  Isn't it amazing how clean and shiny the inside of those ducts are?  Sadly, that is NOT what a typical system looks like inside....

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AIR – What’s in Yours?

The contamination shown on the left is the normal by-product of living things occupying closed spaces, like our homes and offices.  Disaster Recovery finds these every time we clean the air ducts in a home or building. What's in your air? Skin cells. Mold spores....

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8 Things to Ask an Air Duct Cleaning Company

Because all Air Duct Cleaning Services are NOT the Same! When you're investing in an air duct cleaning service for your home or office, you deserve to know exactly what you're getting for your money.  Do you want a cheap quote and empty promises, or a fair price...

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