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We believe that everyone should be an informed consumer. That’s why we continue to educate our clients with articles that address a variety of issues in regard to cleaning and restoration in your homes and offices. We invite you to take a moment and browse through our informative articles. Use our Search Tool at the top of the page to quickly find information on a particular subject.

Why we don’t offer Phone Quotes

"I'm calling about carpet cleaning. Can you give me a ballpark estimate of what that would cost?"  We're asked this almost every day.  However, unlike most cleaning companies, we don't give phone quotes for our services.  Please don't be upset.  Here's why you don't...

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DIY Mold Testing Kits: Don’t Waste Your Money!

DIY Mold Testing Kits HAVE YOU or a family member been battling cold or allergy symptoms that never seem to go away or get better?   Have you had past water damage in your home that may not have been taken care of properly?  Perhaps your doctor has suggested that a...

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RUGS 101: Rug Repair and Restoration

RUG REPAIR and Restoration: Whether it's everyday use, pets, plants, age, furniture wear, or an OVER-enthusiastic vacuuming,  ALL area rugs eventually show signs of damage and distress.  Typically, the most common areas in need of repair are the edges and fringes of...

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RUGS 101: Stain and Fiber PROTECTION

RUGS 101: Stain and Fiber PROTECTION One of the most important options to consider after you have your rug or carpets professionally cleaned is whether or not to have a stain and fiber protector applied.  Fiber protector is a KEY factor in safeguarding your rug and...

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Pet Urine Stains - What to do?  Removing the odor from your rug after a pet urine accident is relatively simple.  But the pH level of the stains left behind change as they dry, sometimes causing permanent color loss, or bleeding of the dyes.  In extreme cases, when...

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HAND KNOTTED RUGS are made by skilled weavers who hand tie every knot. Traditionally made with wool or silk, the weaver ties each knot around the warp threads one at a time.  The rug can consist of 25 to over 9000 knots per square inch and it can take many months to...

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