BEFORE WE ARRIVE:  The average air duct cleaning job in a home usually takes 1 to 3 hours to complete. Here are some TIPS to make your cleaning experience a smooth and happy one before we arrive!

pic_051. Before we arrive, be sure that all your duct registers and cold air returns are accessible

Our technicians will need enough room to get to every single register and cold air return in your home or office with their air tools and air lines.

If you have furniture in front of or on top of these, please be sure to move them out of the way.

In the bedrooms, you may not have room to move the bed away, but if you strip the bed, our technicians can then take the mattress and boxsprings off the bed and access the register that way.


pic_092. Before we arrive, be sure that your furnace is accessible

In many places, the furnace room is also the storage room! Please clear away items from the furnace area so the technicians will have plenty of room to work in.  Be sure there is sufficient lighting in the area, too, especially if your furnace is in an attic or crawlspace.


pic_033. Before we arrive, be sure that your steps and hallways are cleared

Our technicians will be bringing in their equipment. Any items left in these areas could be hazardous!



4. Before we arrive, be sure to contain any PETS or CHILDREN

We will need to go into every room in the home that has a duct vent or cold air return.

Please make proper arrangements for containing your pets while we are in your home, perhaps outside in an enclosed area, or even in a pet carrier – the cleaning process is noisy and may alarm them.  And, of course, since our technicians will be using air tools, tin snips, power tools, etc., please make sure your children are with you at all times.


THANK YOU for taking the time to prepare for our arrival…  We look forward to seeing you!